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Pigeon Bird Nets, Pigeon Bird Nets for Balconies, Anti Bird Nets, Bird Protection Nets


Pigeons, sparrows, crows, and other similar birds are seen in large numbers not only in rural areas but also in modern-day cities. While these birds add to the natural beauty of a place, they sure can prove to be annoying for homes and offices. Bird droppings, birds nest, and other litter created by birds can leave premises like building compounds, house balconies, office staircases, etc. dirty and hygienic. Installing the right type of anti-bird net can help resolve this issue without much hassle. Anti-bird net dealers in Bhubaneswar, Bhubaneshwar sell various types and materials of nets that can be installed at any location to protect it from not just birds but also small animals like snakes, squirrels, rats, etc.



Applications of anti-bird nets

Bird netting is used to safeguard a location from an unforeseen attack of birds. In Bhubaneswar, Bhubaneshwar anti-bird net dealers offer a variety of different nets that are used at various places for different purposes. Mentioned below are a few of the most popular uses of bird net.

Pest and bird protection:

The basic use of a bird net is protection against birds and small animals. People invest these nets in their balconies, around their fences, around building compounds, etc. to form a protective layer that would stop birds from entering their premises. Anti-bird net dealers in Bhubaneshwar offer nets in different sizes and materials for buyers to choose from when planning to install these nets for the protection of property.


Crop protection:

Birds endeavour on fruits and grains. Farms use various techniques to save their yield from being damaged by these small animals and birds. While standing a scarecrow might work to a certain extent, it is best to add more protection to save the cultivation from birds and other animals. Installing bird-nets and protective net fencing helps in saving the crops and production by creating a barrier between the predator and produce.


Fishery protection:

Birds like cranes, swallows, sea eagles, osprey, etc. depend on fish for their diet. There are many seashores, riverbanks, and other water bodies where these birds hunt their prey. With the increase in the fishery and fishing industry, many small businesses around fishing and fish cultivation have emerged in recent years. While these fishes are cultivated for harvest, entrepreneurs have to ensure complete safety from various preys at their man-made fish reservoirs. Installing an anti-bird net over the water surface is one of the simplest and easiest ways of protecting these territories.

Building protection: 

Bird nests, droppings, laying eggs, and causing nuisance is not new knowledge to anyone. People are often agitated by birds in their premises because of the dirt they cause. Protecting a building from birds without causing them harm is now possible by simply installing bird netting around the building compound of the general area where one does not want birds to enter. Anti-bird net dealers Bhubaneswar, Bhubaneshwar has, provide various material choices when planning to invest in these bird protection systems for safer premises for birds and citizens.

Reasons to install bird netting


Safety: Anti-bird netting secures the premises from birds. Stopping birds from destroying the place with their litter. Besides these nettings also work in their favour by saving them from getting hurt hitting against the wall or appliances like fan, exhaust, AC units, etc.


Keeps birds from getting trapped: Birds often fly into infrastructure like buildings, vents, rooftops, etc. seeking a safe corner but instead get trapped inside these congested places. Installing at small openings and windows ensures birds don’t fly into places that may end up trapping them.


Reduced bird waste: It is no surprise that pigeons and birds cause a lot of nuisance and waste. Accumulated bird droppings, feathers, and other waste are not only hygienic to look at but also cause a foul smell. This waste can over time host various infections and microbes which may cause serious health concerns for humans residing in the locality. Installing an anti-bird net keeps the birds away helping to maintain better cleanliness.

Affordable: Compared to other alternatives to securing a location from birds, installing a net is affordable as it is a one-time cost. Good quality bird netting can last for years with minimum fixtures.

Mobile: It is possible to remove the netting and re-install it at some other place. Bird nettings are not only cost-effective but also feasible as one can easily change its location without causing any damage to the net.

Frequently Asked Questions



1. Do anti bird net dealers in Bhubaneshwar remove the old net before installing the new one?


Yes, most anti bird net dealers uninstall the old net before installing the new one. Please inquire if this service will be separately charged.


2. Which are the different material used for anti-bird nets?


You can choose between the following anti-bird net material:





3. Do anti-bird net dealers offer any after-sale service?


Yes, Shree Jagannath Safety Nets Enterprise offer after-sale services like doorstep delivery, installation, maintenance for limited period after installation, etc.


4. Are bird nets harmful for birds?


No, bird nets are not harmful for birds, they only form a semi-open barrier between the premise and open space restricting birds and small animals from entering the premises.


5. What are the charges for installing an anti-bird net?


The cost for an anti-bird net depends on the quality of net you purchase. You can expect to pay approximately Rs. 35 per sq. ft. or above for an anti-bird net.

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